Pham Management LLC provides full Project Management Services from owner inception through close-out and move-in. In addition, we also seamlessly come into a project at any of the major stages of work outlined below.


The Pre-construction Phase is the most advantageous stage of a project to bring on your Project Manager. Pham Management meets with our clients to scope out project specifications such as site locations, design intent, existing site and building conditions, space planning, project timelines, and budgets. Properly organized design criteria, space planning, scheduling, and budgeting are crucial to the execution of a successful project. Pham Management is highly sensitive and focused on our client’s expectations and company design philosophy, which is a critical start to any successful project.

Design Management

With a Chicago architecture degree and the management of some of the most prominent architects and engineers in the country, Mark Pham and Pham Management have the expertise to manage the entire design and engineering process for our clients. We take the client’s design scope, or develop the scope with our clients under Pre-Construction Services, through all stages of development. We pre-qualify architects and engineers, develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and provide a negotiated-fee A/E contract or full-bid and award A/E contract. We also provide A/E Services directly as an additional service to our clients whereby we pre-qualify and carry the contract for A/E Services. During all stages of design management, our clients are fully involved throughout the entire development process in order to assure the scope is fully met and achieved.

Schedule Management

Upon approved scopes of work, Pham Management provides a Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule on Primavera for all phases of work from as early as Design Management through Project Close-out. Pham Management also provides scheduling updates through the major phases of bidding, awarding, and full duration of construction with 3-week or monthly look-ahead schedules as the client requires. Master Schedules of multiple, long-term projects are also achieved through additional scheduling services.

Construction Management

Quality Construction Management is the key to any successful project, not only regarding the project’s timely completion or financial savings, but also for quality control, safety, and minimum disruptions to existing or adjacent occupants. These are too often a neglected element of construction.

Pham Management works closely with our clients and their field staff to develop RFPs for negotiated-fee or full-bid GC contracts, and to review and distribute submittals and RFIs. We organize site logistics, work sequencing, material storage and staging, and site security. Through years of experience we model our management philosophy on organization, not just execution. During all stages of this process we present any value engineering opportunities that arise. And once under construction, we provide on-site management to insure quality and safety, overseeing the GC and their subcontractors, providing daily and weekly field summary reports to our clients and change management.

Document Controls

Pham Management has proven proficiency with document controls on highly complicated programs. Excellent document controls requires organization and control over all facets of the construction process:

Pham Management fully understands our client’s need to be able to reference and cross-reference project issues dating back months and years . We fully understand this importance and that is why Document Controls is a specific and separate service provided by Pham Management.

Project Close-Out

Project Close-out is critical to a project as it relates to post-occupancy issues. Punchlist work requires a great level of detail and follow-through. Contractual close-out documents such as owner’s manuals, system testing reports and training of permanent staff requires positive aggressiveness when dealing with GCs and subcontractors.

Additional Services

Pham Management LLC subsidizes our base services with a full array of additional services through our business relationships with architects, engineers, and general contractors in major cities around the country, including Chicago, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, California, and Arkansas. Wrapped within those business relationships are additional networks allowing Pham Management to tap into resources capable of providing our clients with comprehensive services virtually anywhere in the country.

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Design & Engineering

In addition to our Design Management Services, Pham Management will take the scope of work and directly contract with a local architect or engineer. Skilled and dedicated architects and engineers are crucial for providing timely documents for permitting and construction. Our relationship with this talent pool is based on a history of intelligent and reliable design interpretations and quick production work that facilitates saving time and money for our clients.

Master Scheduling

Pham Management provides basic Primavera Scheduling for medium sized projects. However, we understand that major projects require detailed master scheduling with weekly updates and constant client adjustments. We have a strong relationship with a certified master scheduler capable of providing extended scheduling services for large scale projects throughout the country.


Often our clients have their own budgets and financial analysis prior to the start of a project, but in instances where clients are on a speculative program or fast track project, we subsidize Estimating and budgeting services. We have relationships with estimators who understand region-specific pricing and nuances and are capable of providing conceptual and budget estimates from a scope of work or schematic design drawings.

General Contracting

General Contracting is an often frustrating component of work for our clients, whether it is unfamiliarity with a specific contractor or the nature of general contracting itself. Then there is complexity of the secondary layer of subcontracting: third tier suppliers; furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) procurement; low-volt and IT systems integration; and coordination of owner-supplied material. Some clients do not wish to be involved with this process and we gladly take on this additional service.

Pham Management’s expertise is in the management of general contractors, sub contractors, and all forms of procurement and self-performed work. We have developed mutual trust and understanding with recognized contractors around the country. If a client has time constraints that do not allow traditional bid and award contracts, we select a contractor who will provide an open-book, negotiated-fee contract for projects in most major cities around the country.

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